Version 1.0 (released 21-Dec-2011)

  • Initial release of Food Planner

Version 1.1
(released 03-Jan-2012)

  • Fix: Incorrect age calculation in Food Plan Wizard.

Version 1.2 (released 27-Jan-2012)

  • Add: Database Backup utility to backup all database files.
  • Add: Database Restore utility to restore all database files with option to select individual components. Supports restore of data from previous versions of database files.
  • Add: Recipe Export and Import utilities for individual recipes.
  • Change: Data Entry Tab text: Search Database - changed to Search Foods
  • Change: Entry Details Button text: More... - changed to Details...
  • Change: Added restrictions to the trial period. Limit of 20 entries and no restore of backups permitted.
  • Change: Redesigned Weights and Measures Conversion form.
  • Fix: Daily Activity Level description not showing correctly in Food Plan Wizard when editing current plan.
  • Fix: Weight Trend Line Graph not showing lines between days without any weight entries.
  • Fix: Food Items not shown in the order they were entered. Added Time Stamp to Entries and MealEntries Tables.
  • Info: Previous versions of UserDB and RecipesDB database files no longer compatible with this release. Must use Restore utility.

Version 1.3 (released 09-Feb-2012)

  • Add: Calories calculated from Macronutrients function on Food Database form.
  • Add: Recipe Download Link on Recipes form.
  • Add: Food Database Report.
  • Add: EULA
  • Change: Appearance of Select buttons modified with green checkmark icon.
  • Change: Modified BMR formula for more accuracy.
    for men, P=13.7516m + 5.0033h - 6.7550a + 66.4730
    for women, P=9.5634m + 1.8496h - 4.6756a + 655.0955
    where P is total heat production at complete rest,
    m is the weight in kg, h is the height in cm, a is the age in years
  • Change: Modified Daily Activity Level descriptions in Food Plan Wizard.
  • Change: Subtotal in Entries section recalculates faster after adding food items.
  • Change: Installation package now available as self extracting executable.
  • Fix: Import of Favorites missing Fat values.
  • Fix: Problem entering non-numeric values in Food Plan Wizard.